Babes With Bullets

Babes with Bullets™ is the only firearms academy traveling across the US offering training to women at a novice level, along with enhancing the shooting sports ability of women at the intermediate level. Based on a more informal “camp” atmosphere, each program is taught by women who are national and world shooting sports champions.

The first event was held in April, 2004, at the Louisiana home range of head instructor, Kay Clark Miculek. Deb Ferns, a novice shooter who shot a gun for the first time at age 45, was one of Kay’s campers at this event. Deb and Kay decided to start offering the camps at other locations across the country, with the assistance of our Foundation sponsor, Smith & Wesson.  Now, a decade later, with over 3,400 alumnae, the camps continue to grow, offering training in Practical Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun.


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