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Who Was Lorna Farrow

Diana Eubank: A shooting star

In our dark night skies, far from the glare of city lights, you can see so many stars. If you are lucky, you just might glimpse one shooting across the horizon, enchanting and gone too quickly.

Lorna Farrow was like one of those shooting stars, although in Lorna’s case, I would say that she was truly a “shooting” star. Lorna had many passions, and one that seemed to flow freely was her joy of shooting.

Whether she was on an African safari, on the Colorado open range or at the shooting range, her love of the sport materialized in a full smile under the brim of one of her floppy hats.

Those of you who were fortunate enough to meet this enthusiastic frontier woman, adorned in her endless array of purple and pink attire, will recall the respect and joy she had for the skill.

She shot not for the act of just pulling the trigger, but she treated shooting as a way of developing life skills and teaching an awareness that followed her throughout her days.

Lorna, in her favorite floppy hat, was an enthusiastic advocate for introducing women and children to the recreational side of gun use. She always guided people in a safe, informative and empowering environment.

Whether it was for the 4-H Shooting Sports youth, Women on Target or Bust of Steamboat (to promote breast cancer awareness), Lorna would be there, glowing, sharing, teaching and just being enchanting in the way only she could.

Unlike the shooting star burning brightly but fleetingly, Lorna’s passion for the introduction, education and development of shooting sports to the women and the children of this community will not fade with time.

Her influence and spirit will continue to contribute in the development of her passion through the Routt County 4-H Council Lorna Lou Farrow Memorial Fund.

This scholarship fund has been established to encourage, educate and assist 4-H children and women with participation in shooting sports.

Please consider being part of her legacy in the Yampa Valley and donating to the fund at Mountain Valley Bank directly, through donation jars around town or by calling Deb Schaffer at 846-0709.

Please also attend the first Lorna Lou Farrow Memorial Scholarship Fun Shoot from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday at the Routt County Rifle Club in Steamboat Springs.

No experience is required, and the recommended donation for this event is $30 per person with discounts for families and adult-accompanied children.

Instruction, firearms, ammunition, lunch, prizes and a silent auction are included.

Come out to learn, come out to try, come out for fun and come out for Lorna and her enthusiastic passion for a sport that promotes the enchanting empowerment she embodied and shared with Yampa Valley women, men and children.